Let [the person] who cannot be alone, beware of community… Let [the person] who is not in community, beware of being alone. Dietrich Bonhoeffer We recognize that we live in an individualistic culture that extols the virtues of independence and autonomy under the guise of self-sufficiency. However, as followers of Christ we seek a more […]



Alterna is a community of Christ-followers from Latin America and the United States devoted to faithful acts of hospitality, mercy, and justice. The cross-cultural relationships we’ve developed within Alterna have changed our lives, as well as the lives of many others. We invite you to enter into these same life-changing experiences and relationships, where you can learn first-hand […]



A number of books, websites, blogs, and facebook groups contain valuable information that is useful in better understanding the complex issues of immigration and its causes, history, requirements, myths, truths, and reforms. Additionally, a number of Alterna’s friends are engaged in similar work. Please visit the sidebar links for recommendations about where to learn more.


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